The Perfect Display Solution Best Gift for Home Decor


Who doesn’t love having beautiful things around them?

Let’s face it: we all do. And, over time, most of us will amass quite a collection of photographs, books, collectibles or artwork. It is easy to fall in love with a photograph or painting of a favorite person, place or moment, or with a gorgeous piece of china or a wonderful old book. Sometimes the trick is not finding the right bit of art or nostalgia to display, it’s figuring out how to best display it! When you are looking for display solutions at you home decor store, it is great to have options, and this lovely golden iron easel is one of our favorites.

Standing 16 inches tall and boasting simple, clean lines, this charming easel makes an excellent display for everything from plates, frames and signs, to books, religious icons and even small canvases. It comes fully assembled and ready to blend seamlessly into your home or office decor. The easel itself is made of strong, durable iron, with an eye-catching golden finish. It holds your display items on sturdy tripod legs that make it perfect for use on any flat surface. The easel also features two in obtrusive supports, upon which your item can securely rest.

At home or at the office, there are dozens of ways to use this golden easel. At home, employ it to set off a favorite collectible plate or book, or to elevate a favorite snapshot in a frame or on a mat. At work, use it to turn an ordinary sign into something extraordinary, to post the menu for a luncheon, or to simply thank your customers for their business. At less than $20, this easel is not just stylish and practical, but also affordable. All this easel lacks is your special touch.

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