An Easter Tablecloth for Your Easter Table


One of the funniest parts of Easter is decorating your home for yourself and your friends and family. Easter inspires each and every one of us to be in good spirits and to bring our good-nature feeling into our home. But to bring this feeling into your home can be hard at times if you’re the type that craves unique experiences. So how can you decorate your home so you get that unique experience? Read ahead and find out.

Obviously when Easter comes around, an Easter tablecloth is a must (or Easter tablecloths if you are setting up more than one table). If you are celebrating Easter with little ones, you can use an old white sheet that you and your little ones have decorated prior to the Easter holiday as your tablecloth.

To do this, you will need textile paint and sponges cut into bunny, egg and basket shapes. Dip the sponges into the textile paint and stamp on the sheet. In a manner of minutes you have the ultimate Easter tablecloth. Make sure to let the paint dry before you use it.

Another thing that you can do is let the kids dye their eggs on the sheet and allow their drips and spills to decorate the sheet. When the dying is done, have the kids put their hand prints and names on the sheet. That sheet is now a keepsake for life.

If however, you would just rather purchase an Easter tablecloth, that’s much easier to do. Look for tablecloths that feature bunnies, eggs or carrots or if you would like to be less obvious, create an Easter table by picking a tablecloth that is one of the colors associated with Easter like soft lavender or mint green pastel. If you want to be bold, try an orange tablecloth.

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