Methandienone A Sportsman Perfect Source of Muscle Strength


Methandienone also has a general name of methandrostenolone that is sold under the brand Dianabol. It is an anabolic and androgen steroid. It is perfect for sportsmen, athletes, and soldiers who need a quick way to build lean muscles. It is among the oldest drugs under the anabolic category.


It is a requirement for all sportsmen to have lean muscles and appropriate muscle strength during their career years. However, the natural process may be troublesome for a majority to follow due to the long hours and work required to attain such a body. With the help of Methandienone, that comes in 10 mg oral tablets.

Benefits of Methandienone

The steroid is famous for its dominant oral characteristic since with only small portions of the steroid; your muscles immediately begin to gain strength and increase in mass. The changes in a user’s muscles are seen over a moderately short period.


The use of Methandienone over the past years has been proved to reduce the user’s self-esteem, well-being, and mood. For bodybuilders who are beginners, Methandienone helps to kick-start the cycle for building muscle strength and lean muscles.

Methandienone dosage requirement

The dosage range for Methandienone varies for different bodybuilding levels. However, the recommended dosage for Methandienone comes in 10 mg oral tablets. The 10 mg oral tablets are the recommended dosage for beginner muscle builders. For the Methandienone to work appropriately combining it with exercise and regular workouts helps users acquire results faster.

For the professional bodybuilders, a dosage of 20mg per day helps them maintain their muscles and increase their muscle strength as they pair Methandienone with a proper diet and appropriate workout routines. Nevertheless, while using Methandienone, it is important to combine it with other injectable steroids.

Such combinations help the body acquire a stable balance system for the body to utilize the steroids appropriately.

Is Methandienone appropriate for female users?

When talking about bodybuilders, we cannot fail to mention the female bodybuilding community. The most popular question amongst male athletes, soldiers, and bodybuilders have also been the question of whether a female can use steroids to build lean and healthy muscles.

It is possible for the females to use Methandienone; however, it may have potent effects on a female body. For instance, a lady can experience side effects like deepening of the voice, excessive hair growth, acne among others.

The reason behind the masculine results is because Methandienone is made to decrease testosterone and increase estrogen concentration.

Methandienone being the oldest steroid in the market has helped many people acquire the body they desire. A user no longer has to worry about the appropriate method to build their muscle strength; Methandienone will do just the trick.

Despite the many claims of horrible side effects, users and their manufacturers have always considered the use of Methandienone safe. It is still essential to ensure you conduct appropriate research on any steroid before taking them. The same applies to claims on the unsafe nature of Methandienone where the proof is not available.

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