The Negotiate Discounts when Buying a Car How It Works


Who wants to buy a car, whether it is a new car or a used car, should be aware that the car dealers always have a certain amount of room for their prices.

The car dealers assume that the customers do not accept the first price and want to negotiate a little and therefore set the prices a bit higher from the outset. To get the highest possible discount, you have to dare to act, even if you are not used to it. Nevertheless, there are some tips.

Negotiate the used car purchase

In a used car, you should take a close look at the car and point out any scratches, dents and other defects. One should carefully look at all the doors, the bonnet and the technology, even if one has little idea of ​​cars. Rust or dents can also be detected by a complete layman. Any little scratch you find can be a hassle for price negotiation and a good argument for a discount.

During the test drive you should pay attention to how the car behaves and whether it might jerk or hesitate when shifting. In general, anything that suggests wear or is no longer 100% okay is an argument for reducing the price, although it is clear that a used car has of course already been used.

Cash payment when buying a car

The argument that you are ready to pay the car in cash and immediately is a plus for any trader. You should definitely point this out several times and in this context ask for a discount. Once the question is asked in such a context, then the topic is on the table and the dealer is also on it.

Another argument is that the cash payment is made without discount and that the car dealership saves the hassle of financing and above all the uncertainty and the risk that a installment payment entails. Even a quick transfer of the entire purchase amount is a good alternative, because hardly anyone likes running around with thousands of euros in his pocket and the dealership still receives his money immediately.

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