The Sending Thank You Cards as Gift


When the wedding and the honeymoon are over, one of the first things you should do when you return home is to go through all the gifts you have received. It is important to jot down what the item is and from whom it was given, as this will help you tremendously in writing the personalized thank you cards that you will be sending soon.

You can ask your husband or a friend/sister to assist you, so while you are opening the gifts, he or she is ready to take notes. It is surely not a fun thing to do alone (both the unwrapping of the gifts and the taking of notes!), especially when you have tons of gifts waiting to be opened!

Once you are done with the entire gift opening, take a break, but don’t forget to send out thank you notes to let your generous givers know that you appreciate all that they gave. There is a debate about when to send out thank you notes. Some say they should be sent within three months of the wedding; others say up to a month, but whatever length of time it is, send them at your most convenient time but at the earliest time possible.

After all, the sooner you send them out, the sooner you can take a break from all the wedding frenzy and enjoy your time with your new husband as a newlywed couple. If you send thank you cards out too late, your guests might wonder if you liked or appreciated the gifts they sent you, and may even label you as an ungrateful couple. In other words the sooner the better for everyone.

One of the hardest things to do is to write heartfelt thank you notes for everyone. When you are at loss of words, let this Heartfelt Thank You Book guide you on how to write thank you notes that will make every gift-giver feel special. This helpful book includes checklists, phrases to use, and a section on how to personalize the thank you note process.

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