My Super Sweet Fashion Trend in 26 Days


After some time away from the my sweet life, I bring the latest news about my 26th birthday, which took place on July 13th. I confess that I already missed you and was only absent for 2/3 days!! Ahah

As my mother is residing in Albuquerque, I decided that there would be the right place to spend another birthday. After some hustle and bustle just before I set off on the trip, I directed the journey with my boyfriend and we went.

Many of you don’t know it yet, but for me, making this trip was a BIG step. Because? I already mentioned here on the blog, by the way, that I’m a little anxious and being in my geographical area makes me more comfortable. However, I risked it, went far, and pushed myself beyond what my limits were.

Conclusion, I felt fulfilled and could not feel better on the day I celebrated 26.

The trip went well, apart from having lasted about 3 hours as we departed from Monitor-o-Nova. It was a little tiring, but no biggie. When we arrived we were obviously very well received. By the way, besides the presence of my little brother, Enrique, who always leaves me with a sparkle in my eyes, I was also fortunate to have my godson, Ricardo, whom I had not seen for a couple of years. Of course, I enjoyed seeing everyone! It is always good to reunite the family.

Shortly after, we moved to the condominium pool. Wow and how good it made us! Although we had to share the pool with our French colleagues (who are a bit noisy ahah), we managed to structure a water game which was the biggest grace. We laugh a lot. It was super fun.

Of course, I brought my greetings with me from the Trios store. I really loved the swimsuit as well as all the other articles.

Didn’t you say it would certainly favor the silhouette? 🙂 Because it is dolls, I highly recommend the store.

 I wanted to show you how it is behind. However, I forgot to lock my hair to better understand how it ties around the neck.
I love the detail of the frill at the wish! Is not it beautiful?!

This time I had the support of a new eheh photo assistant my mother. : D Let’s say there’s a certain way to it. I was amazed at the result and my boyfriend has to be safeguarded because the boy can’t see any picture ahead if he hasn’t happened already (laughs). I’m kidding.

I hope I don’t bother you too much about it, but I think you can see from my face how good I felt there. Miles and miles away, which for me until recently was unthinkable and what I can say for sure was worth every minute.

And yes! There I had my birthday gift flamingo, my boyfriend’s gift. It’s really a person’s love don’t you think? x). I love you so much Louis; you managed to make a happy child ahahaha.

Still regarding the wish list I made earlier, as you can see, I received some of the articles. Others will show timely. 🙂

And the unicorn

Do you like girls?

 : D What a way he did to relax in the pool without having to wet me too much ahah. But … not everything is ahaha rosebud. The first time I tried to climb on it, I fell (laughs). It was all a huge parody cluster with wellness and fun to the mix.

What more can you want??

Now with the maritime / nautical transport (whatever ahah) already properly parked, time to eat the cookie. This cake was made by the pastry chef of the Monitor-o-Novo Student Pastry. I have to say that you have a huge aptitude for the area and I advise your services. For, as you may imagine, I brought the cake with me so far, but the truth is that it was all well-spoken in advance in the middle of choosing a filling that would last longer so that it would not spoil along the way.

The choice of cake came from me and I was not disappointed by the fact, I think it was very cute! The remaining family, friends, acquaintances were amazed by the taste! 🙂

To finish, I can’t believe it’s already 26!!! OMGGG! I’m old AHAHAH just kidding. Old are the rags and here Cialis (Dahlia) will still have much to talk about (in a good way, of course).

I say goodbye to this photo, with which I want to express my most sincere thanks, thank you very much to those who are present and those who have not, but I know they would like to be.

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