What to Wear on Sunday in Latest Fashion Trend ?


First of all, I want to say that I chose this place, where I had previously photographed, simply because I thought it suited the look of today. I’m not in the habit of repeating places in the photo shoots, but I confess that as soon as I started to wonder what the scenario of this post would be, it became clear and very quickly realized that this was the ideal place for that purpose. Then I want to know if you think I did well in shooting there or if you think you should have changed. 🙂
Well my flowers, today’s look is nothing more than an outfit consisting of 3 articles from the online store Rose gal. This partnership is no longer new to the blog, but which has been surprising by the positive with each passing day.

It came from the idea of ​​recreating a look that I advise to use on Sundays and I explain why. For me as a lover of fashion, it makes perfect sense to adapt it in my daily life, and I like to separate what I see according to my mood, as I mentioned here on the blog, according to the occasions / events and finally, according to the days of the week.

Of course, in my mind this makes perfect sense. 🙂 So I decided to label it as appropriate for Sunday because I consider it worthy of a day trip, a trip to the restaurant in a more romantic vibe, basically because I find it perfect for one of those quieter days.

My picks were: the floral-patterned maxi dress, the mules on a fabric (I don’t like to risk these things when the items come from China, because you never know for sure), which I think is linen and if not, I guarantee the texture, as well as the plot is very similar and not everything, I still received from the store, this beautiful vinyl bag with the cactus theme, which I was instantly in love when I saw.

The bag is a real cuteness, but what made me want it most of all was its material, as I usually pay special attention to the stuff from which the fashion I use are made. I like to be comfortable with what I carry with me. Then I noticed that I had that little bag inside, also a very sophisticated material, which was very important at the time of the final decision. Because? Many of you may even wonder why. As its exterior is in a literally transparent material, the bag inside makes us keep some of our belongings more anonymously.

In general, I consider it a very contemporary piece, updated and very practical. In fact, it is practical, but should only be really used to transport must-haves, because it is not very large (nor was that its purpose). I managed to get her cell phone, money, and tobacco inside (: ‘X I didn’t say anything! God what a bad influence! If you don’t smoke, don’t do it please. One day I’ll stop smoking, it’s a goal :)), go, but at least I’m being honest.

The dress is simply that piece that these days all girls should have in the closet. It has a very elegant and feminine air does not agree? Not to mention that its long, waist-length cut gives the body little height and elegance. Since I’m short, I have to live up to my teachings, right?

Now here just for us … I had to tighten the dress at the waist because I sent an S and an M came … Garry! (Oh girls -.-).

On the other hand, he’s so handsome that we quickly made up and got a big smile. : D It is very fluid and quite cool for this time of year. The pattern also influenced the choice, had been looking for a floral maxi dress for some time.

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