The Glastonbury Festival for Best Footwear


The very famous Glastonbury festival has best for all footwear. Glastonbury was born in 1970 and the only promotion was a little pink piece of paper handed out to the local informing them of the Kinks.

Michael Eaves who is the eccentric farmer that has been hosting the epic festival for the last four decades is planning to pass on the reigns to his daughter Emily.

The Worthy farm’s kitchen table, the control center for the world best known music festival for almost 40 years is making room for Emily who is expected to take full control.

The festival which has grown from a £1 ticket aimed at campers into a British Institution, synonymous with big act bands and large scale concerts.

The one aspect which has remained the same over the last four decades is the unpredictable British weather. The rain has been making its appearance almost every year, but the now 140,000 festival goers are now pre harmed.

Almost all carry their very essential wellingtons, no doubt a trend originally emulated from Farmer Eaves.  Although the latest designs have little resemblance to the traditional green or black farmers wellingtons.

The designs now are style statements and most go with what you are wearing. The designs are durable and the grip substantial, although many of the designs are reflective of flower power and are reminiscent of the old hippy style fashions.

Although many of the latest styles are much more contemporary and are quite funky with the latest stripe, zebra, block designs.

If you are off to a festival, look for wellingtons that are durable and reach to just below the knee (many don’t).

  Finally pick a wellington that is quite flexible but fits your foot quite well, many end up slipping off in the mud and this can defeat the whole purpose of wearing them.

Look at the ones that I have picked, which I feel will stand out in the “war of willies” this festival

These are absolutely gorgeous and look amazing on, really unique and individual

Make sure your willies tick both style and practical footwear boxes. This pair is certain to spark envious eyes in and among-st the tent-pitching crowd

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