The Wedding Shoes and I Wish I Had Some Jimmy Choo Sandals Footwear


Getting married is exciting, stressful and frightening at the same time. When I got married I could barely walk with nerves, it was like being a little drunk.

I put so much energy into my wedding dress I almost neglected my shoes, kind of reminds me of the movie “father of the bride” where the bride wears trainers.

Although I did not wear trainers, I probably would have found it less stressful. I had 3 pairs of wedding shoes and could not decide between any of them.  I really wanted them to look good, but probably more importantly, I wanted them to be comfortable.

My advice would be… when you are planning your wedding outfit, don’t rush the choice of shoes to wear. I guarantee you that you will be looking at those wedding pictures of your big day and thinking “those shoes didn’t match”

The color of the shoes is important, if you really want them to match… take a sample of the fabric from your dress and match them to the shoes. Try not to do it from a magazine or online because sometimes the colors can look different on the real item.

Pre plan your audition of your wedding shoes, try not to do what I did and try them on at the last minute. Make sure they are easy to walk in and that the heel is the correct height to avoid tripping over your wedding dress.   Any alterations to the dress should be made whilst you are wearing your wedding shoes.

It’s stated that we look and show off our wedding albums more than any other photos album, so with that in mind don’t leave those shoes to chance.

The weather here in the Scottish Highlands has been quite remarkable lately… I mean it’s been quite sunny, as if it were a remote tropical island somewhere.

Okay, well this got me thinking about my favorite topic… what to wear?

I have been wearing recently high heels, which make my legs look slimmer and me taller, so I was keen to keep with this but find a more sandal type shoe.

I really and totally love sandals because they look fab with most clothes.  The strap ones with a nice 4 inch heel are my preferred sandal. Sandals are always in fashion when it’s the summer time and a great pair will last for many years to come.  However I, like many others have purchased those last minute cheap almost throw away sandals for holidays and those summer days out.

I feel that the bargain basement sandals are great for a few wears but often I find them a little uncomfortable and many don’t have a sturdy high heel attached.

For special occasions and everyday use I tend to prefer good quality sandals that may last a little longer than there cheaper counterparts, although I in no way believe that they should cost a fortune.

As a rule I buy sandals with a non-designer label.  I do this with the aim of getting something a little more for my money although I do have my ultimate favorite from Jimmy Choo. I may look (dream) of getting (credit card willing)

The “Serena” by Jimmy Choo is iconic and gorgeous! They have a 4 inch with classic timeless lines. This shoe will still be trendy in 5 years. They are around £530 so probably 15 times what I would normally pay, although they would probably satisfy my sandal requirements for years to come.

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